Sangha Soap Donation - 18 December 2011

Bleulight supports basic healthcare in Yangon, Myanmar.

On 18 Dec 2011, Bleulight made the first soap donation in Yangon, Myanmar. This batch of 9120 pieces of soap was donated to the Sangha as requested by Singapore donors. The Singapore donors also made a separate donation to low income families. However, as the wrapper is still being designed, that donation will be happen in early 2012.
A simple donation ceremony was conducted in Kalaywatawya Scriptural Learning Centre and Monastic Education School at Naga Hlainggu Hillock outside of Yangon. During the ceremony, the abbot, Venerable Jagrabhivanisa, received the soaps that will be distributed to Sanghas all over Myanmar. This monastery has monastic network all over Myanmar and also runs monastic schools for young novice monks and nuns.

Caring for orphans
Many of the novice monks and nuns are children from the border regions of Myanmar and are orphans or whose parents are too poor to care for them. In the monastic school, they have both religious and secular education.
At a later age, they can return to secular life if they wish to. This is consistent with Theravada Buddhist tradition where every person enters monkhood for a short time in their lives.
This batch of soap is a special Sangha soap produced in Myanmar taking into consideration Vinaya requirements and made especially for Sanghas.

Gentle reminders
By default, all donations to Bleulight go towards supplying low income families with soap. However, we also acknowledge the social and cultural roles of Sangha (monks and nuns) in Myanmar society. The Sangha do not receive any salary and depend on laypeople for their basic material needs. Upon donor request, as in this case, we will arrange for a special sangha soap to be donated.
The co founders travel to Myanmar at their own expense. Donations to Bleulight go towards the purchasing of soaps and some direct marketing cost. Run entirely on a voluntary basis, there are no salary expenses.

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