Our Mission

Bleulight supports basic healthcare in Myanmar.

We provide free soaps to under privileged who cannot afford them. Institutions we support include orphanages, old folks home, hospitals for the poor, and communities living below poverty. Myanmar is a Buddhist majority country and we recognize the role of the Sangha (Buddhist monks and nuns) in social education. The Sangha is dependent on lay people and devotees for their material needs. As a sign of respect to these teachers, the soaps are also presented as offerings to the Sangha.

Our Inspiration

Bleulight is inspired by the Medicine Buddha’s aspiration to heal people suffering from diseases and sickness. This aspiration is symbolised by rays of blue light radiating from his body reaching beings that need his help. We are also inspired by the Buddhist Bodhisattva ideal of reaching out to people without preconditions and with no strings attached. When Buddhist Bodhisattvas reach out to beings, it does not matter to them if the person believes in the Bodhisattva or if the person worships the Bodhisattva. They only need to know that the person needs help.
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Our Principles

Translate these into Bleulight principle, we offer soaps to the underprivileged because we know they will benefit from the use of soaps but cannot afford it.
We respect their religious and cultural background and we will offer the soaps to anyone of any religious, ethnic background. We are against material conversion and/or use of aid to undermine local cultural traditions.
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Why Soaps?

Daily use of soap can prevent the transmission of diseases and illness including diarrhoea, common cold, E. Coli, SARS, MRSA, and H1N1 (swine flu).

Dr Stephen Luby’s research have indicated that children who washed their hands and skin with plain soap had

    - 52% less diarrhea

    - 50% less pneumonia

    - 45% less impetigo

Myanmar NGOS have promoted the importance of soap use. While this is generally understood, the underprivileged cannot afford it thereby exposing themselves to possible infections.

By offering the underprivileged soap all year round, we can prevent the transmission of diseases and illness so that they have a healthy body to learn skills and participate in training to create a better future for themselves and their families.

In the case of the elderly, a healthy body leads to a better quality of life.

Bleulight soapsTo prevent donated soaps from being sold, the soaps are produced as Bleulight soap and the wrapper has a text “donated soap not for sale” printed in Burmese.

Meanwhile, our local partners help to ensure that users who receive the soaps cannot afford them and would have lived without soaps.


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