Message from Dr. Leon Comber

My interest in Myanmar goes back a long, long time. I was in fact first fascinated by what I had read and heard about it when I was at school! Though I am not an "Imperialist", and far from it (!), Kipling's poem "Mandalay" has always resonated in my mind since I read it years ago - "By the old Moulmein Pagoda looking lazy at the sea" and "... the sun comes up like thunder out of China across the Bay".

Of course, I had no idea then that in WW2 I would serve in Burma as a British officer in the Indian Army, when my interest in this fascinating country was further aroused. More recently, I have been reminded by my Burmese friends, and what I have read in the news, of this lovely country, and the problems its people are facing. I was therefore delighted to hear about Bleulight’s efforts to send some items, such as soap, as a gift to the poor and sangha of that country, and I wish it every success.
Dr. Leon Comber