Bleulight is a non-profit volunteer organisation registered in Singapore.

Registered name: Bleulight LLP
Registration no: T11LLO893J
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Bleulight Founders

George David Bishop

Prof. George David Bishop

 is currently Professor, Department of Psychology, National University of Singapore. He received his B.A. from Hope College, Holland, Michigan and his M.S. and Ph.D. from Yale University. He has been active in charities and NGOs for many years in both the US and Singapore. He was the founding President of the SAMM Housing Corporation, dedicated to finding housing for homeless families in San Antonio, Texas, and has worked with the Singapore Hospice Council as a Volunteer Trainer, and in various capacities, including member of the Executive Committee, for Action for AIDS (Singapore).
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Chan Chow Wah

Mr. Chan Chow Wah

Chan has a Masters in Social Anthropology from London School of Economics, UK , is a Fellow, The Royal Anthropological Institute, UK and a Singapore ICOMOS member. In 2006, he was the inaugural batch of Lee Kong Chian Research Fellow awarded by National Library Board, Singapore. He works as a Business Development Director in a Germany company with Asia Pacific Headquarters in Singapore.
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Welcome to Bleulight

Bleulight is organised as an online community to raise funds for the continuous supply of soaps to the very poor and the Sangha in Myanmar. The soaps are produced locally in Myanmar and distributed by local NGO partners. Receiving organisations must acknowledge the quantity received and these are sent back to Singapore. These documents along with our financial statements are audited and submitted to the Singapore Commissioner of Charity.  
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Our History

Chan's first visit to Myanmar was in 2000.

Over the years, Chan and friends have made occasional donations of soaps to charities in Myanmar. While these donations have made a difference in its little ways, it is also obvious that greater benefit arises if the donations are sustainable.

After talking to friends and development experts, the idea of bleulight emerged. Bleulight operates on humanitarian grounds and it not affiliated to any political organizations.


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